SyrCon Rules

SryCon Rules



1)   The contest is open to ALL model builders.

2)   There will be no limit to the number of entries per category, per contestant.

3)    All entries must be the work of the contestant. Joint entries may be displayed but will not be judged.

4)    Any model which has won a 1ST PLACE award in any previous SyrCon will only be eligible for entry into the Master Modeler category.

5)    Bantam contestants must be younger than twelve (12) years of age.

6)    Junior contestants must be ages twelve (12) through seventeen (17) but may enter senior categories if they so choose.

7)    Entries in the Master Modeler category must have previously won a 1st PLACE award in a local invitational, regional or national contest and the award must be displayed together with the entry. Winning entries of prior SyrCon Master Modeler Awards are not eligible.  Models entered in this category are not eligible for any other award.

8)    Collections are defined as five (5) or more closely related models. Models from past winning collections may not be entered as part of a new collection. Consideration will be given to the presentation of the collection during judging.

9)    Custom conversions are models to which a significant amount of fabrication and rebuilding of structures has been done by

the modeler to make a substantially different  model than out-of-the-box.  Kit-bashing and kit conversions (resin, photo-etch, vacuform, etc.) must be entered in the appropriate stock category.

10)  No reference materials, drawings or in-progress photos may be displayed with the model except in the custom conversion and scratch-built categories. Documentation should be available to verify unusual modifications or color schemes at judges' requests.

11) All category disputes must be taken to the Chief Judge before judging begins. The Chief Judge's decisions are final in all matters.

12) No member of the judging staff shall judge a category in which he is a contestant.

13) At his discretion the Chief Judge may combine, split or create new categories or move models to more appropriate categories as he deems appropriate.

14) Neither IPMS Syracuse, IPMS USA,the Cicero American Legion nor any judges assume any responsibility or liability for lost

or damaged entries.

15) The IRON MAN AWARD: A contestant must enter models in three different sections of the contest (for example: an aircraft entry, an automotive entry and a figure entry) to be eligible for this award. These entries must be identified to the registration staff at the time of registration as IRON MAN Award entries to be eligible. They are then eligible for regular awards in their respective categories as well as for the IRON MAN Award. The IRONMAN Award winner is determined  in a separate judging based on a point system. The contestant with the highest cumulative score will be the winner.

16) Out-of-the-box entries: Entries must be constructed using the contents supplied in the stock kit only. Parts may be sanded, thinned, drilled out and so forth but new parts may not be manufactured, cast, vacuformed or otherwise produced. No photo-etched, resin cast detailing parts or parts from other kits may be used. Control surfaces may not be re-configured, doors or hatches opened, etc. except as allowed in the stock kit design. Paper or tape seatbelts may be added but no photo­ etched or resin parts are allowed unless they are supplied with the stock kit. Antenna wires and aerials made of stretched sprue are allowed. Instruction sheets must be available for the judges if they request them to verify an entry's eligibility.

Any method of finishing is allowed (including foil) and any decals or other markings are allowed. Out-of-the-box entries may

be placed in standard categories if desired. However, they will then no longer be eligible for awards in the Out-of-the-box categories.

17) IPMS Syracuse and the Chief Judge reserve the right to bar the exhibition of any entry that would be deemed to be offensive to the general public or the Cicero American Legion in accordance with guidelines set forth by IPMS USA.